“Missing Milestones” Mothering Miles Away

Ongoing project about Motherhood and Separation in UAE


Exploring hardship of mother’s, who are living and working alone in UAE, separated from their children, sometimes for years, by thousand of miles away. These mother are viewed as strong and determined to bear any burden and raise their children away from the miles. Harieet and her 9 year old son Solomon, had been talking and sharing almost for two hours about Solomon’s new guitar, school, grandmother but when it came time to end of video chat, Solomon didn’t want to let her mother go , ‘’dear mom just few more minutes I am going to draw something for you, I want to hear your voice, while drawing, he requested, Solomon drew heart breaking piece of art and told her to come back soon and after seeing the art we both ended up with crying,’’ says Harieet from Uganda works as a cleaner in Dubai.