Proud and happy to publish a photo essay in Life Force Magazine, October 2014

Life Force Magazine


“Dervish”- Won a Ramadan Competition , Dubai.

“Selected as Gulf Photo Plus, Dubai, Photo of the Month September 2014” and published in GPP newsletter and received a print of it.

“Dervish”- Won a Ramadhan Competition , Dubai.Click to know more

unnamed (2)


“Photograph Exhibited in Time Square, Dubai, 2014”

Selected as Photo of the Day leading travel website www.photoburst.net


Photograph Exhibited

Photograph Featured in BBC special project called #FREEDOM 2014, “Vision of freedom in Middle east”

DSC_7697 (2)

“Traditional Culture and Modern Abu Dhabi” @ Photograph taken at Abu Dhabi Mina fish market,2012

Photograph shortlisted | published in Emirates Photography Competition

Tradional Culture and Modern UAE

“Empire of Desert”

Photograph featured in Gulf Photo plus | Selected by Photo Editor by Nat Geo |Accepted in Al Thani Award |Photograph review by international expert Mark Wallace | Gulf News | GPP Photo of the week

Selected in Week 2 June , daily dozen , National Geographic Magazine. Editor’s Choice

Pictures is a selection of the best pictures taken by gulfnews.com readers over the past six months…


“The Phantasm” photographed at Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi – Selected as Editor’s Choice, National Geographic Magazine.


“The Camel Race” @ Al Watbha Abu Dhabi | Published in BBC for around the week section, Published in BBC for around the week section


“Sunrise” Photograph exhibited at Nikon during D5300 Launch




Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club Featured @ BBC


“Sheikh Zayed Mosque”

Photograph exhibited in Dusit Thani for Ramadhan Competition

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Photograph exhibited in Dusit Thani for Ramadhan Competition

Ramadhan Competition -1
Photograph exhibited at Chennai Theme of Portrait of India.
“The Son of Soil “ @ Portrait of India” at Chennai,2012 – Exhibited

"This Image exhibited in Chennai 2011"


Photograph featured in BBC /Selected as a top collection of the year 2012


“Whirling Dervish”

Photograph featured in San Francisco Islāmic Magazine


Featured in BBC Theme

“Loving Gesture” @ Al Dhafra

Took this photograph @Al Dhafra Abu Dhabi., recently attended the Al Dhafra Festival — the world’s most expensive camel beauty show that is held every year. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it to the fullest. These two camels spent an intimate moment with each other — I just loved seeing them together.’

Published in Gulf News 2012 for the Picture of the Day Sharing of Love

“Sheikh Zayed Festival”, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Featured in BBC


“Portrait of Aishwarya” , Won a Portrait Competition – Chennai, India

DSC_7769 (blog)

“The day’s catch” – UAE

Took this photograph in Abu Dhabi’s Mina Zayed fish souq.

‘Crabs, groupers, barracudas, kingfish and tuna were arranged perfectly in rows. Then I learnt that fresh fish is auctioned off before dawn to vendors and restaurants in the capital. I have never seen such kind of trade and fish in my life. This area gives a ‘forgotten village’ experience.’

Published in Gulf News on Friday 16 March 2012



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